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A Creative Look at Vocal Technique & Pedagogy for Singers & Voice Teachers

You Can Sing Like Never Before

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Sing Like Never Before was created to help Singers and Voice Teachers understand complex ideas and concepts while still keeping the fun and the Joy throughout the process. With its colorful artwork and entertaining style, Sing Like Never Before is making vocal technique practical and accessible for vocalists and pedagogues everywhere.

Gone are the pedagogy books of yore… exclusively digestible by opera teachers and Professor Higgins. In Sing Like Never Before, Justin manages to cover all of the knowledge, tips, tricks and endless possibilities of the human voice for the reader, and brings humor and fun to each chapter… reminding us that we are to live in a place of exploration and joy! Completely accessible to singers of ALL levels, this is a must-have book for any student of the voice!
Lindsay Mendez Lindsay Mendez Renowned Stage & Screen Actor and Singer Tony Award Winner
Throughout the text, the author breaks down these complex topics with great clarity, detail, and amusing sidebars that help make the science of the voice accessible with practical and effective ways of exploring and applying it. A wonderfully informed, responsible, and integrated approach to all aspects of the art of singing.

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Look Inside Sing Like Never Before

Full of a lifetime of vocal and singing wisdom by master Voice Teacher and Vocal Pedagogue Justin Stoney, and gorgeously illustrated by Mark Pate, Sing Like Never Before is a vocal pedagogy book like none you've ever seen. You'll find page after page of advanced vocal concepts explained in clear, fun, and accessible fashion — perfect for singers of ALL levels, voice teachers, and more!

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This book is a game changer! The approach is beautifully structured. And the bedrock is joy. The physiological/anatomical components are explained and demonstrated in a thoroughly accessible, demystifying way, and are then integrated into the psychological and emotional. There are many, many valuable lessons and gems to be gleaned from Mr. Stoney's technique!
Tony Shalhoub Tony Shalhoub Actor and Singer Tony Award and Emmy Award Winner
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About Sing Like Never Before

If you’ve ever read a Vocal Pedagogy book, then there is a solid chance that it was an overwhelming tome loaded with anatomy, science, and data. While many vocal enthusiasts, scientists, and pedagogues need and enjoy this information, these books can be tough to apply practically and difficult to read.

Written by master Voice Teacher and Vocal Pedagogue Justin Stoney, Sing Like Never Before was created with these experiences in mind.

I find Justin's approach extremely helpful in three areas that are important to me: Strength, range, and pitch. His "you got this" attitude and infectious enthusiasm make his classes and exercises much more of a treat than a chore. This guy knows his stuff—so read this book!
Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon Actor, Musician The Bacon Bros. Golden Globe & Screen Actors Guild Winner Film, Television, and Music Star

Mr. Stoney set out to write a book that would break down tough concepts in a way that makes vocal information accessible to the average person, to singers, as well as to Voice Teachers.

SLNB takes you on a unique visual journey through the singing voice, illuminating some of the most difficult vocal ideas in an understandable, practical, and entertaining way. Each “bite-sized” section blends custom artwork, anatomy, humor, practical information and tips, storytelling, and inspiration to make learning about the voice a memorable experience.

Sing Like Never Before is a book meant for:

  • Anyone interested in the voice looking to understand what goes into singing.
  • Singers of ALL levels hoping to understand their craft in a richer way.
  • Voice teachers and pedagogues desiring a more accessible look at deep concepts.
  • Universities and schools seeking a more enjoyable and practical textbook to complement the many comprehensive vocal pedagogy textbooks.
Imagine I'm saying this loudly and with ideal breath support: This is such a great book! Filled with simple exercises, helpful illustrations, and dozens of tips — including how to breathe, how to stand, how to position your jaw — Justin Stoney's guidebook will make you a better singer, whether you sing in the shower, onstage, or in an arena.
AJ Jacobs A.J. Jacobs New York Times Bestselling Author and Humorist The Know It All, The Year of Living Biblically, and many others
Detailed, accurate information about the voice and singing is presented in a methodic manner. The visually arresting book is intended as a reference tool, a practical resource, and a source of motivation for singers and voice teachers… Voice teachers will find it a useful addition to their studio libraries as an accessible resource.

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About the Author

Justin Stoney is the Founder of New York Vocal Coaching, an internationally-recognized Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach, and developer of the NYVC Voice Teacher Training & Certification Program.

He has taught over 20,000 voice lessons to singers of diverse backgrounds, levels, styles, ethnicities, nationalities, and ages. His clients also include Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award-winning artists.

Mr. Stoney has been invited as a keynote speaker and presenter both nationally and internationally for conferences and workshops including PAVA (Pan American Vocology Association), Vocology in Practice, and NYSTA (New York Singing Teachers Association) Professional Development Program. He has appeared on numerous media outlets including NBC, CBS, and ABC, and been featured in multiple publications including The New York Times, Esquire, and SELF. He is a member of NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing), Vocology in Practice, VASTA (Voice and Speech Trainer’s Association), The Voice Foundation, Actors Equity, and SAG-AFTRA. Justin also collaborates with leading voice doctors and laryngologists to help bridge the gap between vocal pedagogy and voice medicine, and participates in cutting edge research on vocal science, pedagogy, and technology.

Mr. Stoney studied classical vocal technique with veterans of the Metropolitan Opera, Musical Theatre vocal technique with veterans of Broadway, and contemporary vocal technique with industry-leading Pop/Rock/R&B instructors. He also holds a BFA in Musical Theatre Performance and a BA in English from the University of Michigan, where he graduated at the top of his class and was elected University Commencement Speaker. Justin is also certified in Yoga with a strong background in anatomy, Alexander Technique, and physical fitness.

Justin is also the creator and host of the popular singing shows “Voice Lessons To The World” and “Quick Singing Tips.”

He resides in New York City with his wife Carolyn and their Maine Coon cats.

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About the Illustrator

Mark Pate is an award-winning illustrator living and working in Queens, NY with his wife, Elizabeth. He grew up in Mesa, Arizona with a passion for sequential story-telling and received a BFA from Arizona State University. Mark has worked as a freelance illustrator for over 10 years. His past work includes storyboard art for film and television, character/environment concept art, illustration for animation, and sequential art for comic books. In addition to his illustration work, Mark is the Associate Director of the Transform artist residency organization which hosts art residencies across the country. In his work, Mark hopes to elicit joy, laughter, and thoughtful reflection while representing the under-represented and lifting up the voice of the voiceless.

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